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Also sometimes referred to as smart transcripts, content analysis is a widely used qualitative research technique and is essentially first stage analysis, in between transcripts and a full management report. 

Content analysis is a particularily pertinent option for semi structured qualitative questionnaires.

The approach most often taken is for the analyst to summarise responses by question, drawing all the responses together to precis the respondents answers and, crucially to extract quotations that are illustrative of the conclusions being drawn by question or topic.

The clear advantage is time. It is estimated that our clients will save 30 to 40% of time working from content analysis versus transcripts to produce their management report.

The MediLAB team of expert analysts can create an analysis template or work from one supplied by clients. It is expected that the analysts should be involved in a thorough briefing with our client's project owners in order to align on the research objectives and required output.

All our analysts have a minimum of 10 years' experience in market research in addition to being accomplished linguists.

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