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No matter how good your research materials, your respondents, your moderators, if you do not showcase the insight generated in a clear, relevant, concise and actionable fashion, all of your efforts will have been in vain and your client left with this "erm...what now?" feeling.

Report writing truly is an art and an evolving one at that. Only through many years of compiling litterally hundreds of reports have we mastered it. Our analysts can produce reports in a pre-supplied corporate template or can be relied upon to suggest how to best showcase the research through the inclusion of video clips, sound bites, infographics, to name but a few.

A report can only be as good as the report writer's understanding of the topic, the objectives and all associated nuances and so this is why we would only entertain producing a report if the writer is involved at every stage of the process, from briefing, to fieldwork, to iterating the output with our client's project owners.

Qual and quant research generate very different outputs which in turn require very different skills when it comes to report writing. This is why at MediLAB we have specialist quant analysts and specialist qual analysts.

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