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Whether it be transcribing IDIs, TDIs, Duos, Groups; into English or into another language; in a supplied template or one we create, indexed or not, at MediLAB we have nearly 20 years' experience in creating accurate and beautifully presented transcripts from any audio or video output.

As with anything we do, only experts in the topic of the research will work on your files ensuring the dreaded "inaudibles" are kept to a strict minimum before the transcript is sent for further review by another linguist specialist in market research.

Our thoroughly vetted and trained transcribers are not just typists; they are all fully fledged linguists which means they can transcribe from one language straight to another without resorting to transcribing in the source language and translating the output into the target language. This means quicker delivery and very competitive costs.

In addition, and for clients who operate in the healthcare space, our specialist healthcare transcribers are all trained on Adverse Event Reporting for further peace of mind. 

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